Saturday, 31 January 2009

Quilting's Divine in 2009

Hello all patchworkers, stitchers, and those who would like to be!
It has been much too long since my last note and I am very sorry.
We have loads of news I think I will be here all night typing.
First things first...
Judy has broken a bone in her foot so she has a ski boot thing on and is a little slower than usual, so please be patient with her. I am very gratefull that she has chosen to purchase this ski boot (Although I still can't work out where she is going to ski in Townsville?) becuase it means she is able to be free of crutches and she is still able to come to work. I am trying to put her on light duties but I have discovered she thinks she can ski across the carpet and do whatever.
There is just no stopping some people!
I will be away from the 13th Feb and I return on Thursday 19th to work. Judy will have free run of the shop ( I have secretly organized some people to come in and check whether she is doing too much!). Please be patient with Judy, she is doing very well and it is a privilege to have her on board.
Carly and Koupah are spending time with Grandma (who I think will not give them back to us very easily) while Brad is away. Carly is really enjoying motherhood, I love to see the contented look on her face when her and Koupah come to the shop for a visit.

Now let's get down to some business!
Jo's BOM At the Garden Wall is going very well, and I have been able to get in a little more of the fabrics needed for this quilt which means I can do a few more kits wich is wonderful.

Some of you have seen the new BOM I have been working on lately, if you can guess what 2 things are on the centre panel and how many of each, a fat Q is waiting for you!

Jo's mum has been waiting a long time to have this BOM get off the ground!

There are a few workshops and yummy stuff to share with you all:
These dates are not concrete but close to when they are on.

Sat 20th and 27th March:

A 2 day workshop over 2 Saturdays. This is very much a hands on workshop involving hand painting a sunset on your background fabric, choosing a silhouette design for your applique. I am going to do an old tree because I love them, so get your thinking caps on and look for the design you would like to see on your sunset!
Cost is $150 for both days includes fabrics, and dyes, morning & afternoon tea. BYO lunch.

Sat 2nd or 9th May:

A one day workshop where we will make a heart cushion with a cathedral window in the centre.
This involves some hand work and there will be a choice on the shape you would like to finish with!
Cost is $60 for the day and you can have a look in your stash for some scraps.

a Mystery quilt workshop. Those who came to our last one had a really great day so come along and have a ball with our mystery.
Cost $60

And I think that will be all for now, although I have plans for August and October as well!! But I will keep you posted.

There is a quilt in the shop made from panels with autumn tones with a rich border, don't forget to have a look at it while sipping your coffee, it is wonderful to have to order more fabric for a quilt kit because you do not have enough, this is one such quilt. The pattern has instructions for a table topper, a lap quilt, a single bed quilt and a queen bed quilt. Wow! I love it.
Bye for now...
Love Jo