Saturday, 29 November 2008

Christmas Morning Tea

Hello to all...
Tomorrow is the 1st of December and our Christmas morning tea on Friday the 12th, is fast approaching.
Cost is $20 each, and we will have a wonderful time together.
In your Christmas stocking you will recieve 24 x 5" charm squares in beautiful Christmas fabric, a Christmsa panel and just what are you supposed to do with those???
Well you could make the table centre from the free pattern popped in your stocking as well!!
We still have some spaces at the table so phone up or pop in and book your spot this week!
Carly and Koupah are going to be there, so definitely get in and see our beautiful shop baby!
There have been some interest to have a repeat morning tea on the Saturday the 13th for those who work, this is on so you can book for either day (or both if you love us THAT much!!)
For those who came to our Christmas table runner workshop, thanks you made it a great day!
Those of you who could not make it, then when the pattern is finally done you can purchase a kit if you love foundation piecing.
There is one other thing I need to mention, our Wednesday night group finaly has made up a name for themselves, now this is there doing not mine...
the group is called:
Jo's Angels.
Now I'm not sure how they have come to this conclusion as they are far from it!
But I must say, they are a great group and look forward to growing and re-grouping in the New Year.
See you all again soon