Friday, 21 August 2009

Naughty, naughty, naughty Jo

Hello there all, I know I am a very, very bad girl. It has been toooo long since I have last written anything here!
I have had quite a few people nag me and I am very glad you have, thanks.
We have quite a lot of news some great, some not so great.
Carly, Brad, Koupah and bun in the oven No. 2 (Hooray!) are moving back to Vic to live very shortly, I am going to miss her spirited presence and her fresh ideas.
Judy is going to fall over backwards when she finds out I have actually written in this blog! Jim get the pillows behind her we don't want another broken ankle!!!

We have a great Workshop coming up in March 2010. There are limited spaces to 16 and we have 5 deposits down already is that keen or what! Cost is $180 it is a 2 day workshop on the 13th -14th March (Sat/ Sun)
Theme: Crazy Patch different to your normal crazy patch method.
Tutor: Shirley Dunn from Goulburn - Bungonia Quilters.
We have only just started advertising this, so it might be a good idea to get your deposit in now!
I will plug a pic up as soon as the sample is finished.

Drop in to the shop get your deposit down and you will get your list of wonderful things to collect

I would also like to share something with you girls out there - - -
I have an idea (Always dangerous coming from Jo's brain I tell you!), I was looking through a bargello book today and I imagined a bargello heart quilt. Now those of you who really like a challenge, you need 4 fabrics and a background fabric (This is still all in my head you do realise). I will set a date if you come in and ask me about doing it! It will be a friday/ Sat over 2 weekends, so let me know your thoughts girls?
Email me at and write in the subject box - heart bargello challenge - or you can phone and drop into the shop.

I have been a bit of a blur lately as my eldest son Boden, broke his right arm at school on the 5th August, conveniently when 4 assignments were due, so guess who had to do some typing for him??? Actually I enjoyed it and we got to spend specific time together which we do not do, how much time do you get to spend with an almost 15 year old?
So there are a few things left undone, like some instructions, the ironing, and so on and so forth!

Hope all are well and are you keeping your mind active and your hands busy - I hope so.

We have just recently added to our collection some really fantastic brights, I know that they are not everyones style, but boy oh boy I love watching children's faces when their mothers bring them into the shop and they get a look at the bright section they just love them, so mums & grand-mums make a "Bright" quilt for a child in your life soon. We are waiting for some background fabrics to arrive as we have sold out of a few like fossil fern and shadowplays, the satin-look fabrics are a real hit and they are in stock (If I can keep them on the shelf long enough)... Oh I can keep going all night, must sleep sometime ...
Will write some more soon (Much sooner than the last time)
I have just been given a cuppa by my knight in shining armour I am tempted to make him do a cross-stitch class, he did once for me, in Casino in NSW we had a Church Craft group and the girls all wanted to learn cross-stitch, so I talked him into running the class and he was a hit, they wanted to know what he was going to teach them next - I almost did myself out of a job that time - it was fun.
See you all soon - Happy stitching