Tuesday, 24 July 2012

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Have a really great day.

September Workshop 2012

We are privileged to have Nikki Mallalieu coming up to do a weekend workshop on bag & purse making, for all of us who have really dribbled over the beautiful clip purses now available, then come along and learn to make one for yourself, you will go away with more knowledge, tips and snippets than you imagined possible.
Call into to shop or email Jo and she will email the flyer to you.
Weekend consists of 2 day workshops, Sat $150 includes pattern and interfacing/ wadding kit.
Sun $140 includes your pattern, frame and interfacing kit
We are also keeping Nikki at the shop Sat night for a Trunk show, this is not to be missed, with a lucky door prize valued at over $100 and a delicious supper you will not forget. Trunk show cost is free if you are doing both workshop days and $25 for all others. We are already half full with one workshop day, do not miss out on this great weekend to make 2 very funcional and trendy bags.

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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Wow, I am sew blown away, we have a Quilt as U go Workshop on Sat 17th September and this workshop is full, and we will now hold another one on Sat 1st October: same price, $25 from 10:30 - 1:30 if you missed out on the first one and would like to do the second one, please phone with your credit card ready as I will not take names unless you can pay up front. Just to let you all know we will be holding a Quilt as U go in Jan as one of our week day workshops as well.

And if the need is still there, we will hold another one!!
Hope you are all sew good, I received a quote today and it said; the greatest mistake in life is living in fear that you will make a mistake!! I thought that was awesome. How often do we stop 'doing' in case we fail, boy I would be bored if I stopped in case I failed at something, firstly because I would cease to keep learning, and secondly where would great things be if there were never any failures to bounce from and change, we have because we learn from and improve upon, Oh I could go on... I am still learning when to shut-up!
We have some new Christmas fabrics in store and I just love them with the rich reds, creams and golds, and they have green in them as well but anyone who knows me well knows I will always leave that colour out if I can!
Blessings to you all.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Quilt as U go Workshop

Well hello all, we have a workshop coming up on Saturday 17th September, starting at 10.30 am. Cost $25 if you have booked in, I have made one or two small changes to your requirements list, most importantly, morning tea... yes it needs to have chocolate in it!! (We had one person ask if it had to have chocolate in it or can it be other types of morning tea) I don't mind what you bring as long as it contains chocolate!! (Ha ha)

2nd... Please cut each of your fatQ's into at least 4 strips at 2-1/2" x width of the fat Q. On your requirements sheet I mention to bring wadding pieces at least 12" square, you will also need a strip at least 30" x 12" and 3 squares at 12" each in wadding.
We only have 2 places left and it is not even Sept yet. I think that is awesome. I know it is early yet but we are organising mini workshops for Jan next year. We will not be having our normal classes on Tues, Thurs and Fri, instead for Jan only we will have once a week a mini workshop where you can come in (stay all day if you want to) and make a project. These will not be book-in classes but they will only be on one day each week, I am open for suggestions as to what projects you would like to do. we have some already:
1.Quick 9 Fat Q quilt
2. Embellishment workshop
3. Another Quilt as U go Workshop
4. Jelly- Roll Quilt
5. Jo's "tips" morning - by this I mean, if you have a project at home that you want to finish but you don't know where to go with it, then you can bring them in and while we have a cuppa (And chocolate) as a group there will be a wealth of insight and ideas flowing from each other.
So if you have a suggestion, phone, or drop in, or email it to me and I will add it to the list. The most popular 3 will be locked in for Jan 2012.

Now wait there is more...
On Mon afternoons beginning from September 5th at 3.30 - 4.30 we will finally begin our children's classes, Jo (The other Jo) will be running these and she is busy making her ideas into projects. These classes are limited to 10 yr olds and up and they must have access to a sewing machine later on, please phone the shop if you would like to know more about these classes.
well I think I have done enough typing for one day, and I will post a pic of our Quilt as U Go projects as soon as I get a new camera.
Blessings to you all and the best part of this year so far has been seeing my little sister become an addict.... to patchwork of course!!!
Bye for now Jo

Saturday, 18 June 2011


Hello all, we are having a surprise visit from Julie Wallace a wonderful, insightful patchworker all the way from Melbourne. On Wed morning 20th July, just after the craft show in Townsville, we are having a show and tell morning, where Julie will be doing all the showing and telling...

From 9am-12pm cost is $25 including morning tea, so get you name down fast.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

This is what I have been doing instead of finishing patterns etc...
I have been playing with Texture Magic, which I sell in the shop, it gives your projects a wonderful dimension and is really fun to watch it all shrink together.
This is part of a backpack I made to take to NZ in April.

This is the back of my backpack I made to take to NZ in April.
This is the front of my backpack...
Hello all hope you are all sew well...
These hands are from a really beautiful drawing by Miki, who is an artist who has given me permission to make a quilt using her beautiful artwork as a base, I have coloured this with fabric applique as well as prismacolour pencils, which we now have in stock, well a few colours anyway, more will be arriving in the near future. I have had loads of fun with this.

Here is some news... We are having a mini-market day on Saturday the second of April, from 9.30-1.30, come on in and grab a hand-made bargain or maybe you might like to have some table space for yourself to sell some hand-made goodies, phone Jo so you don't miss out!!
Bye for now..Jo

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Mad, mad, mad!!!

We must be all mad, mad!! fancy turning up in our PJ's and in the rain!!! crazy or what, I don't care cause if you missed out - you missed out!! What fun morning we all had, toast, coffee at 6am - bring it on!! well a bargain is a bargain however you have to dress to get it!

I have been thinking for a while (but then it gets lost with the other zillion thoughts) about having a quilt hanging, Jo Mc Kay mentioned it the other day and I have revisited the thoughts to bring them a little more forward!! Scary I know, so lets do it!
We will also have a challenge quilt as well so watch out for this First prize will be .... I have no idea, ask me a question I know the answer to!!
Hope all is well with everyone, Thank you to Connie & Jo who were willing to get up at 5.30 (or earlier) to help with my crazy ideas and PJ Party stuff,
So please let me know your thoughts on the Quilt hanging and we need to set a date! ... I need to talk to my 2 off-siders who help make life a wirlwind adventure!
But wait there's more...
we are having our first Market day, on Saturday 2nd April so if you want to grab a bargain, or book some table space ... then get on in or phone Jo soon, as spaces are very limited.
mmm what else is there, 33 more sleeps from t'day before my daughter Alina and I go to NZ. Now for some of you this is no big deal, but let me tell you I never except in my dreams thought I would ever actually go overseas, own a passport, or for that matter, own a Patchwork shop, wow, how we have the opportunity to make changes, make them an adventure, and live to laugh about it too!! Life is a hoot!
But while we celebrate and elaborate on all the wonderful things we are able to do, let's spare a prayer or two for those in Japan who have lost everything, had little warning, and who need to begin their journey again, just like those down south from here near Toowoomba and surrounding areas, lets never forget all we have and never take each other for granted.
Sew... I think that's all for now.
I have begun a quilt called Karen's Lollies, it is ever sooo bright!! as soon as I get some blocks together I will post a pic, which my sister, Sarina has been going mad on me for not posting more pics for her to see, as she lives way down in Nowra, so I am trying very hard to remember to bring my camera home at least once a week to post some picks, and of course I forgot this week didn't I!
Cheers all, keep on stitching