Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas 2009

Mmmm, I can smell Christmas coming can you?
I can smell the smells of Christmas in the air, people cooking Christmas cakes, people eating prawns, and I can hear the wonderful sounds of laughter and friendship. I do not mean there is none any other time of the year, it is just a different type of laughter, people catching up over the phone with relatives, or friends who live far away, having people over for dinner before they go away for holidays, that sort of laughter has a different sound to the rest of the daily laugh I hear.
Why you might ask?
I don't know why, to me it
is just different I suppose I love Christmas and I feel different at this time of year because it is so special to me (Were you hoping for something really profound? - sorry!)
We have had so much going on in the shop i have hardly had time to stop!
We will be closed from Thurs 24th Dec and re-opening on Mon 4th Jan 2010.
I do hope you decide to have a wonderful Christmas this year - it really is what you make it.
I know there have been a couple of customers who have lost loved ones and some who have had a very rough year with family this may be a very hard Christmas for each of you, I will be thinking of you each. Thank you for your friendship each of you, I am here for you each, you know this.

We had to say good bye to a customer at our annual Christmas party last week and I found it much harder than I expected to say goodbye to Robyn who was 'Moving' back home to Brisbane. Robyn has been up here in Townsville for about 15 months and attached herself to the shop, and I have come to know her and love her very much. We announced that we have corrupted her as she has only ever started one project, finished that project then move on to another one, boy did we corrupt her real bad, she's gone home with about 4 projects unfinished!!!
But we did have a really great time the rest of the Christmas party... lots of goodies and I hope all who came will remember to take time out for themselves this Christmas

Well it must be time to say goodbye to 2009, but I can't wait to get some pics of what we are doing in 2010 - our crazy patch workshop is filling up fast.
May you each have a wonderful Christmas, do not forget the reason Christ came, it was for you, it really was for you!
Love Jo & Judy

We'll see you later then . . . in 2010!