Saturday, 29 August 2009

Extra 30th August 2009

This pic is my son Ethan's Quilt I made for his Birthday he turned 11 in July.

A few have asked what it looks like so here are a few pics. He wanted a dragon so we searched the internet and found a great pic which someone has painted origionally I assume but Ethan really liked it so I had the pic on my USB and put it on the computer at Church and after Church one Sunday Morning, one of the sound tech guys put it through the projector onto the wall where we have our words and I bluetacked the background fabric to the wall and traced the dragon outline onto the white Quilter's Muslin, then began colouring it in with some of the Zig Textile Markers (You know, the one we sell in the shop). It took me close to 5 months to colour the dragon and the cliffs behind him in, I did some about every 3rd or 4th night after all the children were in bed. I have no idea who the person was who drew the dragon in the first place but I am very glad they did for it is a really fantastic dragon.
The dragon and the cliff background is all one piece of fabric, then I turned appliqued by hand this to the sky background and machine appliqued the water over the top at the bottom.
The second border of green & purple is constructed with the green as the background and the purple free machine appliqued on top to give the quilt a mystical feel.
At the end of winter (which I feel is here already) when Ethan does not need it on his bed so much I am borrowing it to display in the shop for a while, I will write in when this will be so you may come in for a look.
Also I asm still looking for a worker for Saturdays, if you are willing to be part of our team, and are willing to share your knowledge and passion of patchwork, you need to be outgoing and energetic, be willing to explore new ideas, be able to teach beginner patchwork, and be available for at least 3 Saturdays and some Fridays in the month. If this sounds like a great way to pay for your patchwork addiction then call in and talk to Jo or call our number at the bottom of this blog page.
Bye for now, it is Sunday afternoon and I am going to watch a movie with my daugther Alina
Love Jo