Saturday, 29 August 2009

30 th August 2009

Hello all, here is a pic of Judy (Working of course) she is putting together the Autumn version of our Mystery Quilt we did as a workshop a few weeks back, it has been great to see people's reactions to the two quilts, there is a bright one which is in the background which is hard to see I realise, but I thought I'd just pop Judy in!
We have said a sad farewell to Carly, Brad and Koupah this last week, I know she has not been in much since Koupah's birth (Who turns 1 tomorrow the 1st Sept) - but I am going to miss her popping in every now and then. Carly brought her spark into the shop and I love her very much.
Koupah's Grandma gets to spend a 1st birthday with her grandson which I know she will enjoy immensly.
Last note I put an idea forward about a heart bargello well it's a sure thing! We will have a workshop in November. This will be a workshop for those who are not brand new beginners, you need to have at least a couple of quilts exsperience, it will be full on and a great challenge for it is outside the 'norm' of Bargello style and it is not a small quilt. If you have not made a bargello before but always wanted to try it, or you have made a few bargellos but want something different, then either come in and look what we have made so far or (eventually ) I will get a pic up on this blog!
Till next time.