Saturday, 3 May 2008

4th May 08

Hello all fellow quilters...
How was your time at the Townsville craft show?
A huge thankyou to those wonderful women who helped out on the stall Cheryl(Carly's mum), Hillary, Judy, Trish, and I have to add my mum who could not be here this year but I know she was praying for us to have a great time- your friendship and assistance was very much appreciated.
We had a ball ... and met some wonderful new friends who now add their presence to our shop environment regularly.

Keep bringing those quilts in for show and tell we love to show them off. We display our customer's quilts in our window and on our walls and it is wonderful to see the talent of Townsville shining through.

For those who know Carly, her belly is really begining to pop out and we are getting very excited as September draws near.

I have some new pics to blab about (finally) enjoy.
The kits and patterns are available at the shop either amail me or phone.
Jo & Carly