Saturday, 22 March 2008

23rd March

Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter and remember all it stands for! (Minus the rabbits, well, maybe just one!)
Don't eat too much chocolate, all those who were in the shop last week had their fill.
It was Pat's Birthday from the Wednesday group and she brought in her leftover birthday cake, it was very yummy, thanks Pat.

I cannot believe it is only just over 3 weeks until the craft show here in Townsville, 17- 20th April, don't miss it for anything!
Also remember it will be school holidays during this time so work out some baby sitting friends (who are not crafters or quilters) and have a day to yourself.

We will have some new patterns & kits for the show - some no-one has seen.
Carly is getting right into the shop and for those who do not know - the shop's first baby is due in early September - Carly & Brad are very very excited and so they should be, and I'm going to be an Aunty I can't wait!

I have some pics to post up and I am learning how to work this it is fun.
Blessings from Jo