Sunday, 3 August 2014

2014 News. . .

Oh it has been a very loooooooong time since I have posted in here, Oh dear!!

Well girls, Quilters Blessing Patchwork now (Finally) has a webpage:

Please, please have a little look at it, I am (Oops I really need to say 'WE', as there is more than one person working on it) still getting it together, but it is getting thereas we get to know how on earth you upload, move, appoint, sub-categorise, re-arrange. . .  I think I am becoming overwhelmed with it all!!

But anyway.
Also some more news:
Quilters Blessing Patchwork Store has recently closed it's doors.
I am running classes from home now and spending time on new designs and getting the web page running smoother!!

So go onto the site and have a peek?
I will have a free pattern on the website for you to download. . .  Once we learn how to upload it first? I even have the pattern ready to go!! Oh boy it's fun!!
Just to let you know I'm still in the land of the living and keeping one foot in front of the other.
here are some pics of a new BOM Called A Day in the Life of Paris
This is Paris, and she is in Paris for a holiday.
Enjoy the journey with her as she visits diferent places and meets new friends.
14 Month Block of the Month Project 
$40 per month + postage
I am still finishing the quilt, so size will be approx single bed topper size!!!

Blessings to you all

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