Thursday, 27 January 2011

Hello all, I am still recovering from our FANTASTIC Photo art quilt workshop weekend with Linden Lancaster. We also had the pleasure of meeting Cameron her hubby, who was pictured in one of Linden's art quilts. I have some pics to spill out for you, I just need to size them down so they will not blow your browser out!!
Pics below here we all are, Linden on the far left who has treated us to a really adventurous weekend in photo art quilts, and we will never be the same again, we will never look at photos the same!

This is Linden, on the left sharing with us all her insights, she is a wealth of information and we have all been dreaming in colour ever since...

I must say a huge thank you to Julie, it's all your fault!! and to Linden and Cameron, who I have come to know over the weeks leading up to th
e workshop and now even more so, and to Jo Mac who took Linden and Cameron on a tour all over Townsville to allow them to see the sights.
So when is Linden coming back again, well that is a definite, as to when I will keep you all posted, lets allow her to get over the first trip in Noth QLD and next time it will probably be in a cooler month!!

I will post some more pics up very soon, this is Dawn's portrait, and although it is not quite finished, it is looking quite nice. sew I will chat again soon girls!

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