Monday, 5 July 2010

New Shop pics girls!

Well, it's been a hectic few days, but here are some pics in our new shop in Anne st!
It has mostly been smooth sailing, except for the phone, which as of today Mon 5th July, it is still not connected, although I popped in this morning to find the lovely lolly shop opening next door has the same problem, I didn't feel so bad after that!
I have some "Thank you" names I'd like to mention;
Julie, Desly and Judy have come in to help and I say thank you for helping.
Another thank you is for Robyn who helped clean and vacume the old shop, thanks.
To my hubby Garry you are my knight in shining armour (Still), and to Col, Heath, and Les, thank you for shifting the heavy stuff, muscles arn't made in a day but a sore back can be thank you.
But I save the best to last...
Thank You to Connie & Jo who have both worked tirelessly to help get our shop ready for open day last Thursday, and then some!
To the both of you this would not have come together quite so quickly (yes I'd be still in there now unpacking!!!) I owe you both so very much.
Well I am exhausted just thinking about what we have achieved over the last week, now if the phone would be put back on again it would be fantastic!

Happy sewing everyone and please pop in to look at our new stock and have a cuppa!
Love Jo

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