Friday, 10 October 2008


Here finally is a pic of Koupah. Carly & Brad's beautiful baby boy.

I am very sorry I have not plugged it up before this, but with Carly no longer working, I am simply in maintinence mode until I find someone who can fill part of her shoes!!

We are also having some workshops coming up to get you all geared up for Christmas.

These workshops are $60 per day

Workshop 1 Aussie man's Christmas BBQ Apron Kit $25 Friday November 21st 9.30 - 3pm

Workshop 2 Christmas Table Runner Kit $40 Saturday November 8th 9.30 -3pm

We are also taking names for our Fun with Border fabrics workshop to be held late in January 09 it is $60 and it will be a Saturday, if you are interested please pay your money so you know your place is secured. We will be setting a date shortly. This will be the 4th time we have run this workshop, it has been a real hit!!

Some of you may know some may not our latest tool to be added to the essential list Which reminds me I have not yet got a photo of it to plug up here