Saturday, 26 July 2008

For Jan

This Blog is for Jan Stuart-Street - Hello Jan!!
Jan went mad on me on Friday because I have been slack in getting this blog going with some more comments!
Thanks my friend you are great.

It has been a frenzy few months, there has been quite a few things happening, like . . .
We had a fantastic time down at Home Hill market day, everyone - you just have to go there next year and make a day of it it is super fun.

We have had a couple of workshops that have been very inviting and all have enjoyed themselves. I will post a pic up soon, so you can see our beautiful projects.
We have done a couple of workshops on fun with border fabrics and it has been a hit and yes there will be another workshop in September so keep an eye out!

On Friday the 1st of August we are having a mad mornig tea there will be a stitchery to do as well as some yummy nibbles to devour, so email or phone & get you name on the list of those who will be there!!
By for now, my hubby has just returned from a weekend away so I'm going to have a cuppa and some M'M time have a great week
P.S. Get in and check Carky's belly out she's got about 6 weeks to go we are debating as to whether 6 weeks will see her out!