Monday, 7 June 2010

Don't forget about us moving to our new shop!! it is coming closer each day I am not sure whether to be dancing or panicking! ( A little of both).
We have a sale on starting now until our last trading day in this shop Sat 26th June.
Sale is a Red spot sale, the bolts with a red spot on the top are 25% off the price or...wait I know you want more ... if you buy the remainder on the bolt you get 30% off the price, now that's a great way to stock up, but wait there's more... this includes the rack with the $10 bolts on, I suggest you come in and grab your bargains before someone else does, we don't want old, old stock in a new shop, and we will definitely have lovely new stock in our new shop! so pop in grab a coffee and get your bargain fabric quick!