Friday, 19 March 2010

Well it has been a little while, but our crazy-patch retreat was last weekend and we had a full house and we had an absolute ball!
here are some pics to show you.This is Dawn she was in charge of our fine sessions, yes everyone got fined at sometime over the weekend and all money raised from the fines will be put toward our biggest morning tea for cancer in May, well done Dawn, your a natural!
These are some of the beautiful people who spent the weekend in our shop, even though the air-con gave in on Sunday, we all had the opportunity to get to know each other and it was wonderful to meet new friends!These are some of the blocks all the girls worked very hard on...
There will be a pic of the original which has now been put together, I am just waiting on Shirley (Mum to Jo) to get her borders on and I will get a pic before she goes home.
My deepest thanks goes to my mum who has come up to be here and help, and to my two angel helpers Judy and Connie without you two I would be lost.